Naturino is a children’s footwear line produced by Falc who has been a leader in the footwear industry for more than 30 years.
Choosing the right shoes for children plays an essential role in ensuring the healthy development of their feet. That is why Naturino designs and manufactures shoes that are the result of technical innovation and passionate attention to detail and style.
So as your children run, skip and play, Naturino shoes adapt to their feet leaving them free to grow … naturally!

The Sand Effect
The best support for children’s feet is sea sand which moulds to the shape of the foot without pinching and squeezing or restricting movement. That is why Naturino has created the exclusive “Sand Effect” System which thanks to its particular characteristics, creates the natural feeling of walking on sea sand in shoes.

Pull-Out Insoles
Naturino shoes feature pull-out anatomic insoles that are anti-bacterial and washable: an important guarantee for the well-being of children’s feet.
To combat sweat and dampness, Naturino recommends that you remove the insoles allowing them to dry thoroughly before replacing them. A small precaution that ensures health, hygiene and dry feet at all times!

Naturino’s Collaboration with Paediatricians
Naturino collaborates constantly with experienced paediatricians and orthopaedists to improve its products. Thanks to this direct line with the world of research, Naturino shoes are innovative and technically advanced at all times.

Naturino shoes are not only comfortable and sturdy but also trendy! It is this very special blend of style and Italian know-how with the latest fashion trends that ensures the success of Naturino shoes all over the world.
Attention to detail, carefully selected materials and strict production controls characterise the quality of each and every Naturino product